Dave Lannom

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This nomination is on behalf of Dave Lannom, who started his educational journey in 1964 as a student in Ornamental Horticulture, at Mt. SAC. In 1965 he was the first recipient of the National Golf Course Superintendents Association Scholarship Award west of the Mississippi River, upon graduation from Mt. SAC he transferred to Cal Poly Pomona. There he began his work on a B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture. After graduation he was named the first Greenhouse Manager/Technician for the Horticulture Unit on their campus.

Dave began teaching Cal Poly Extension courses for the college and soon moved into an Assistant Professor position. He remained at Cal Poly from 1969 until 1978 when he decided he needed to go back into the nursery industry to learn what the industry needed from students who were coming out of the college arenas. During that time he became General Manager for La Costa Nursery, Anderson Growers and Horace Anderson International Seed Co., in Leucadia, Ca. After three years, he was offered the Vice-President/General Manager position at Deigaard Nurseries in Santa Barbara, Ca. From 1981-1985 he remained at Deigaard’s until a teaching position at Mt. SAC opened up in Horticulture and he decided he wanted to return to teaching, the career he had such a passion to return to. In 1985 he returned to Mt. SAC and continues to teach and educate students today. He has taught a wide variety of classes in the Horticulture Program and served as Department Chairperson for Agriculture for 12 years. He was involved closely with the expansion of the Horticulture Unit and Demonstration Gardens. His legacy was he was told many times that he made a difference in student lives.

Achieved formal or informal recognition by peers or the public for life accomplishments:

  • Outstanding Faculty Member 1996

  • Agriculture Alumni of the Year – Cal Poly Pomona, 1996

  • Bert Kalliman Award for Teaching from the California Association of

  • Nurserymen, 1998

  • CANGC Sprinkler Can Award for Years of Meritorious Service 2004

  • Mt. SAC Faculty of Distinction Award 2004

Participated In Life Events That Reflect the Values, Diversity and Integrity of Mt. SAC:

  • California Association of Nurserymen and Garden Centers- Member for

  • Over 35 years and served on the Education Committee.

  • International Plant Propagators Society long time member and Western

  • Region Meeting Chairman 2012

  • Pesticide Applicators Professional Association – frequent speaker

  • Master Gardner’s – frequent speaker

  • Disneyland University – presenter

  • Street Tree Seminar

  • Southern California Horticulture Society

  • Living Plant Grower Association – Secretary & Seminar Vice-Chair

Known Regionally and Nationally For Their Achievements:

Over 35 years of teaching students who have gone on to successful careers in Horticulture Industry throughout the United States and globally. At a recent International Plant Propagators Meeting it was noted that over 20% of the Western Region’s Membership and 9 PhDs were former students of Dave’s.

Contributing To Making The World A Better Place:

He has shared his passion he has for Horticulture with his students in every class he teaches.  This has given him a connection with them as they continue their journey through life and their careers.  He continues to promote education each through the scholarship awards he and his family give and encourage others to do the same in some way.

Willing To Be A Contributing and Lasting Member of the Mt. SAC Alumni Association:

  • Coordinator of the recently completed Wall Of Fame recognizing faculty.
  • Active member of Agricultural Literacy Trail and Horticulture Development Team.
Katie Pruitt