Dr. Gloria Morrow


Multitasking is the norm for Dr. Gloria Morrow. For most of her life, she has managed multiple jobs. At last count, she co-published three weekly community newspapers in the Inland Empire with her husband Tommy; she heads GLOBO Ministries and co-pastors the Victory Community Church in Upland also with Tommy; she runs a thriving clinical psychology practice; she speaks extensively and facilitates workshops around the world; she has authored three self-help books and is finishing three more; she co-founded and manages (with Tommy) the African Village Weekend cultural celebration; and somehow along the way she managed to raise three successful children and now dotes over her three loving grandchildren.

Morrow’s full and eventful life is a tribute to the plight of “returning students.” These are students who had to interrupt their initial college studies due to overriding family priorities and other life circumstances. But driven by self-determination, they resume their studies at some future point and finish.

After several years of raising her family and nurturing the family businesses, Gloria Morrow resumed her college studies in 1989 at Mt. SAC and the University of LaVerne concurrently. “I was driven and determined to go all the way,” she says. “Mt. SAC helped me to crystallize my goals. I was particularly motivated and encouraged by my psychology and speech professors.”

Morrow fast-tracked her studies and completed Mt. SAC in 1990 and shortly thereafter earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at ULV. She went on to earn a master’s in marriage and family counseling at Azusa Pacific University, and another master’s degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology at the Fielding Graduate Institute.

Professionally, Dr. Morrow is president of GM Psychological Services, where she specializes in treating adults and adolescents who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and grief/loss issues. She is heralded as a relationship expert because of her extensive work with couples and families. Her counsel can be read in her three books (including the popular Keeping It Real: 7 Steps Towards a Healthier You) and leading national magazines, including Psychology Today. She is also a commentator on radio, TV, and Internet programs.

Dr. Morrow is a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Association of Christian Counselors, and the Association of Black Psychologists. She is also affiliated with several other community organizations and causes promoting mental health awareness and healing. In addition, Dr. Morrow has served as an associate professor of psychology and clinical training director at ULV and at the California State University-Fullerton.

Dr. Gloria Morrow and the Rev. Tommy Morrow are upstanding leaders in the Inland Empire community and have been recognized for their humanitarian and professional achievements by local, state, and national officials. In 2005, Dr. Morrow was among 120 women across the state who were honored by California First Lady Maria Shriver as “Women of the Year.”

Katie Pruitt