Priscilla Gonzalez-Leiva


Ms. Gonzalez-Leiva is the former Deputy Director of the Primary Care Resources and Community Development Division in the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for the State of California. The Division is charged with developing and administering a comprehensive program that will assure the accessibility of affordable, safe, and culturally diverse primary health care services to the people of California. 

This role includes developing clinics in underserved areas, securing state and federal funding for the training of primary care professionals, and linking public and private agencies to develop primary care resources to improve issues affecting health care professionals. 

Ms. Gonzalez-Leiva travels monthly with a team to Mexico to set up women’s health care clinics. The team conducts all of its fundraising to purchase medicine and supplies. 

She is a member of an International Nursing Organization and spent several months in war-torn Central America providing medical care at an orphanage. 

She has received a "Woman of the Year" award from the National Hispanic Medical Association for her work in the health care field. 

Ms. Gonzalez-Leiva began her college career at Mt. SAC in the Psychiatric Technician program.

Alex Jonathan Brown