Alumni Stories: Shadé Darnell

Shadé Darnell.jpg

Shadé Darnell

West Valley Detention Center | Correctional RN

Attended: 2013 - 2018


What are you doing now?

My job is responding to man downs, assessing the newly arrested, and taking care of the incarcerated population.


How did your Mt. SAC experience impact your journey?

I would not be where I am today if it were not for my time at Mt. San Antonio College. Through my involvement with Phi Theta Kappa and the LEAD Program I learned leadership skills, from the Honors Program I learned research skills, and through the Nursing Program I was able to pass my NCLEX the first time and become a Registered Nurse. All of my involvement at Mt. SAC has brought me to where I am now. Currently I work at a correctional facility while also going to school for my Bachelor's in Nursing through the Mt. St. Mary's/Mt. SAC partnership. I was fortunate enough to win scholarships at Mt. SAC. Because of the empowerment these scholarships gave me I applied for more after graduation and was recently awarded a nursing scholarship through I truly enjoyed my time at Mt. SAC and do not regret a single second I was there.

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