Alta Skinner


alta skinner


Community Educational Advocate


I have been volunteering for many decades. My passion generally is in education, children, and families. I love being able to say at the end of the day, “Wow! You did make a difference in the someone’s life today.” I’m currently involved with: Secretary Mt. SAC Foundation, Chair Mt. SAC Bond Oversight Committee, Co-Chair Mt. SAC Facilities Bond Measure “Go,” Vice President La Verne San Dimas Educational Foundation, Co-Chair McKinley Children’s Center Board of Directors, Chair Governance Committee McKinley Children’s Center, and Member San Dimas Wednesday Afternoon Club.

Why Mt. SAC?

I am always so proud to walk on the campus at Mt. SAC watching the students interact with each other as they stroll through campus, or sitting on the lawn. You can just tell how safe they feel, and they love being at Mt. SAC. It is amazing to see all the different ages, demographics, cultures and social economics just blending into one…Knowing that the Foundation is supporting this lifestyle is so rewarding. Even just having the ability to play such a small role in the success of Mt. SAC gives me goose bumps. Attending a function that is student-orientated just makes you feel so excited to have the opportunity to share those precious moments with students, administrators, professors, trustees, and fellow board members … I love Mt SAC.

Alex Jonathan Brown